K-pop influences fashion, especially in Asia, where clothes and accessories worn by K-pop stars, as well as their hairstyles and the cosmetic brands they use are sought after by young listeners. Fashion brands release copies of clothing worn by idols. Some K-pop idols  have established themselves as a fashion icon by attracting the attention of Western fashion designers.

So without further delay, here are 5 K-pop fashion trends that you will love!

#1 Crazy Colored Hair: If you’re feeling bold, you can go for the more shocking tones we see sported in K-pop. If you are more conservative, try colored tips or highlites. If you’re still not convinced that these bold colors are for you, then try a temporary hair spray color like pink or blue. The colors are bright and vivid, but they completely wash out after 1-2 showers.


#2 Outrageous Makeup: K-pop artists have always been fans of bold, black eyeliner and heavily accentuated eyes. Lately however, we’re seeing even bolder eyeshadows and huge, false eyelashes. Also seen recently are bright lip colors or wacky patterns as seen on 2ne1 and G-Dragon. The key to this trend is choosing just one feature to accentuate. Stick to lips or eyes only… if you try to do both, you’ll just end up looking like a clown!




#3 Nerdy Glasses: Practically everyone has a pair of these glasses! We’ve seen them in a variety of colors (from red to clear) but the most common example among the stars is black.  From fashion icons like T.O.P. to Kim Hyun Joong, everyone is getting their geek on with these thick frames.


#4 Military Accents: The military trend is very popular right now. Although some artists are going for a full out military inspired outfit, most just add military accents to their outfits with hats and jackets. This is a stylish look that works for both males and females. If you’re a girl, try adding just one military inspired piece to an otherwise feminine outfit for a cute mixture of girly and tough. The key with this trend is mixing the pieces into your outfit so you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume!


#5 Colored Pants: While SHINee has been wearing pastel pants for a while now, the trend is catching on with other bands and artists as well. Boy bands are still seen wearing pastel colors and girl bands are sticking to slightly bolder colors. Whether you prefer soft pink or bright red, this look offers a way to express your individuality while staying comfortable. Try these colored pants in denim or in a chino version.




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